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Lead Consultant SQF/BRC, GFSI

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Manager of Software Support Services

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Jenny Guarino

CFO and Director of Audit Services

​​​Darryle Guarino

CEO,  GFSC Group 

SQF/HACCP Lead Auditor/Consultant

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Sahil Madhu

Simform/GFSC Lead Developer

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 Company Goal

Our company's goal is to help your facility achieve the highest quality standard in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible. With our new service packages, we work closely with you, your company and our partner suppliers to provide the resources you will need to support the daily requirements of your chosen standard. Whether it is training, lab testing, documentation, SQF or HACCP software system, our partner suppliers have been chosen based on the quality of their products and the value they represent.

Company Overview

Food Safety Plus Software is designed by GFSC Group. The company is the exclusive combination of many services that could help a company enhance their Food Safety Programs. I would like the opportunity to briefly discuss with how our services can benefit you and how our solutions have proven to prevent food safety risks and keep your company safe.

GFSC group brings a unique blend of consulting for the field (GAPS) and Food manufacturing (GMPs) industries. We have worked with some of the largest packers and producers in the world, successfully creating and implementing multiple world class Food Safety Management Software. Our team has years of successful Food Safety and Quality program implementations around the globe and in twenty five (25)  HIGH RISK Food Sector Categories. We have helped numerous companies implement SQF levels 2-3, and have helped the first company at category 30 - Sanitation Services in the world. To know more about GFSC software and consulting, please go to www.gfscgroup.com

Over 20 years in High-Speed Manufacturing Management background in a diversified product field. Currently a Licensed SQF/HACCP Consultant: Specialize in helping facilities to quickly and successfully implement SQF Systems Code 7.2 Levels 2 &3. Implemented Lean Manufacturing (5-S/MUDA) in several companies, and with proven Continuous Improvements and Improved Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Managed Union and Non-Union facilities up to 600 indirect hourly and 15 Salaried Management Employees. Manage with an energetic and positive style which fosters a strong Teamwork Environment. Proven in various companies and settings the ability to learn a system, develop new platforms (SOPs), communicate changes to floor, and sustain changes with improved Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Experience includes production, quality assurance, sanitation, logistics, supply chain, warehouse, maintenance, and Regulatory/3rd party Audits. 

BS in Food Science–Dietetics University of Maryland, College Park, Md 1997

Registered SQF Consultant 2011, 2012 Lead Auditor Certificate